Atecsol was founded in 2000 by highly skilled professionals personnel with over 25 years of experience in manufacturing industrial goods and equipment. It was originally set up to provide the technical solutions to comply with the manufacturing requirements of the nuclear sector. Our know-how, along with the strong commitment to diversity allowed us in 2005 to start offering services and products with high quality standards to other areas such as the energetic, water treatment and oil&gas sectors. Located in the north of Spain, we have a supplier and international network that stand Atecsol as a reference in its sector.


Our attitude towards permanent innovation and our consolidated and qualified human team allow us to face the challenges presented by the market. Thanks to our premises, means and equipments, we can offer our clients quality products in those sectors related with surfacing electrodes and cladding, precision boilermaking, pressure equipments, heat exchangers, special materials welding and recovery of worn parts amongst others.


To place ourselves as leaders in the cladding and especial materials welding markets, as well as in the production of pressure equipments and industrial components, by means of the provision of equipments, components and services observing the applicable regulations, and in compliance with the clients’ quality requirements, the current legislation and with any other extraordinary requisite which could provide added value to the product or service.


To manage with responsibility those projects in which we participate in every aspect: quality, client satisfaction, environmental respect and social commitment.

Corporate Social Responsability (RSC)

Atecsol links its activity to the construction of a sustainable economic and social system.

Its aim is to improve further the human grow by incorporating the social and environmental concern to its business relationship and its partners.

Atecsol is member of the Global Compact of the United Nations to comply in all its business activities with its 10 principles. It involves voluntarily assuming the commitment to implement its Principles in its daily activities and to be accountable to society, with transparency, of the progress made in this implementation process, through the elaboration of Annual Progress Reports.

Furthermore, other activities are developed at the local level that helps to promote the employment for young people or improve the quality of life of groups and families at risk.

Global compact

Human Resources:

We have an experienced technical human team, including an International Welding Engineer and personal with formation and qualification in NDEs, with design capabilities, planning and project follow-up, so as quality requirements assurance.