The main objective in the close planning of Atecsol is the automation of the weld processes. In fact, we have automatic weld processes applicable for both butt-weld and weld overlay:

  • Automatic hot/cold wire TIG
  • Submerge arc weld for strip and wire
  • Semi-automatic oscillating process (MIG/MAG pressed)
  • Plasma welding

Atecsol has developed automated techniques as part of their ongoing strategic particularly relating to special welding processes and weld overlay using the following processes:

Automatic MIG

Inner weld overlay of tubes and nozzles of 6m length bores upper 250mm; Welding is performed in spiral and oscillation in order to avoid tensions in the material.

Automatic TIG

Inner weld overlay of tubes and nozzles from 1 ½ inches and 1 meter length, increasing the length depending of the enlargement of the diameter. For this process we count with TIG premises equipped with AVC system (control of the arc voltage and the contribution material) and the possibility of high precision axial and circular movement. Thus, we can achieve high quality tasks. The applications described solve with guarantees the necessities that quite often arise in the petroleum derived products industry (reactors, exchangers, etc.).


Atecsol has developed an own plasma welding system which allows us to weld sheet metals up to 5 mm width with a single pass. This type of welding is requested by the nuclear industry, in particular for the nuclear waste storage equipments.


Atecsol has 2.200m2 workshops for the execution of the works. The total area is divided by three specifics zones, one for automatic processes, specially weld overlay, other for projects in stainless steel and special materials, and one zone for boiler works in carbon steel and alloy steel.


  • Roll bending cylinder of plate 30mm thickness 3 meter lengths
  • Roll bending cylinder of plate 5mm thickness 2 meter lengths
  • Shears 3 meter
  • Press machine
  • Column and vertical drills
  • Bending roller for stainless steel work


  • Rotators from 1t up 70t
  • Turntables from 0,5t up 18t
  • Bridges Cranes 10t, 16t and 20t
  • Cut tool 650x450mm


  • 8 welding columns for SAW and automatic welding
  • 4 MIG equipments for automatic welding
  • 4 Automatic TIG equipments with Arc welding control. Hot/cold wire
  • 8 equipments for SMAW
  • Plasma welding