About us


Founded in 2000 with more than 25 years

of manufacturing experience

Atecsol was founded in 2000 by professional technical staff with more than 25 years of experience in the manufacture of industrial equipment. It was originally established offering technical solutions to equipment manufacturing requirements for the nuclear sector. Our acquired know-how, together with a strong commitment to diversification, allowed us to start offering services and products with very demanding quality requirements for the energy, water treatment, oil & gas, nuclear and chemical sectors from 2005. Located in the north of Spain, it has a network of collaborators and international distribution that position Atecsol a reference in its sector.


Our attitude of permanent innovation and our consolidated and qualified human team allow us to face the new challenges that the market offers us. Thanks to our facilities, means and equipment, we can offer our customers quality products in the sectors related to welding hardfacing and cladding, precision boilermaking, pressure equipment, heat exchangers, welding of special materials, and recovery of wear parts, among others.


To position ourselves as leaders in the market for weld overlay and special welding, as well as in the manufacture of pressure equipment and industrial components, by supplying equipment, components and services that comply with the applicable regulations, with the customer’s quality requirements, with current legislation and with any extraordinary requirements that add value to the product or service.


Responsible management of the projects in which we participate, in all areas of influence: quality and customer satisfaction, respect for the environment and social commitment.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Atecsol links its activity to the construction of a more inclusive and sustainable economic and social system.

Its aim is to improve its environment in terms of human development, incorporating social and environmental concerns in its business relations and with its stakeholders.


As a sign of its commitment to CSR, Atecsol supports AGENDA 2030, in order to apply the Principles that integrate it in its strategies and operations. This involves voluntarily assuming the commitment to implement its Principles in its day-to-day activities and to be accountable to society, with transparency, for the progress made in this implementation process, through the preparation of annual Progress Reports.


In addition, other activities are carried out at a local level that help to promote youth employment or improve the quality of life of groups and families at risk.

Atecsol is a member of the MyT association whose purpose is to promote, disseminate, support and defend the development of women’s talent in the educational, social, cultural, sports, artistic and professional fields. As well as generating opportunities in the development of women’s talent.

our team

Formed by an experienced

Human Team

We have a team of experienced technicians, including two International Welding Engineers and personnel trained and qualified in NDTs, with the ability to offer design engineering, project management, as well as quality assurance.

About us