Welding Equipment

The automation of work processes is a key objective for us. We currently have automatic welding systems for weld overlay and butt welding:


Automatic TIG

Internal weld overlay of tubes and pipes from 1 ½ inches in lengths of 1 metre, increasing in length as the diameter increases. It has TIG installations equipped with an AVC system (Arc Voltage and Filler Material Control) and the possibility of high-precision axial and circular displacement. The applications described above provide a guaranteed solution to the needs that frequently arise in the petroleum products industry.

Automatic MIG

Internal weld overlay of tubes and pipes of 6m in length, in diameters greater than 250mm, carrying out the spiral and oscillating supply in such a way as to avoid the accumulation of tensions in the same line, thus improving the quality of the work.

Sumerged ARC

For parts with the possibility of using this technique with a high yield of deposited material. One or two-wire heads, and even 60 mm band.


We have Facilities

of more than 4000m2

Atecsol uses a 4000 m2 workshop to carry out its work. This area is divided into three specific areas, one for automatic process work, mainly weld overlay services, another for work on stainless materials and special steels, and an area for boiler work on carbon and alloy steel.