Weld Overlay Spain

Weld overly cladding is an industrial process whereby, using an electric arc process, similar or dissimilar material is added to a base material. All of our processes are designed using as low dilution as possible with the main objective to obtain the chemical composition of pure material with the minimum thickness.

This weld overlay process has three different applications:

The use of different columns equipped with automatic GTAW (hot or cold wire), GMAW or SAW allows ATECSOL to perform inner weld cladding overlay on tubes, fittings and flanges from 1 ½”, as well as tubes 6m long, using filler materials such as AISI-316, AISI-321, inconel 625, inconel 685, dúplex o superduplex. It is also possible to use this process on elements with big dimensions, for example valves or bronze pieces for naval sector. For these purposes we have more than 50 WELD OVERLAY PQRS according with international standards (ASME, EN-ISO-15614).